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Join us at the #WINDFORCE Conference for a Sustainable Energy Future!

We are overjoyed to announce our participation in the upcoming #WINDFORCE conference, a premier event that presents an invaluable opportunity for us at FreedomGRESS GmbH. A profound thank you to WAB e.V. for creating such a synergistic platform that encourages collaboration, innovation, and forward-thinking.
This conference is set to be a vibrant melting pot of ideas and discussions revolving around key topics such as drone-based lightning surveys, AI-based risk analysis, green hydrogen solutions, project management and technical evaluation, and maritime data platform, to name a few. Each of these represents significant growth potential and challenges that we are eager to explore, together with the industry's trailblazers.
As we share insights and ideas, it's important to underline that the strength of the wind energy sector, and indeed any sustainable energy sector, lies in its community. In the words of our Managing Director, Evgeny Eliseev, "Our collective ambition to create a sustainable future is our greatest strength. Our technologies, when harmonized, can create a symphony of progress, forging the path towards energy independence, security, and a greener Earth."
So, join us at the #WINDFORCE conference in Bremerhaven! Be a part of the conversation and let’s together shape a future powered by clean, sustainable energy