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Exciting Highlights from WindForce2023: Evgeny Eliseev's Inspiring Presentation

Evgeny Eliseev delivering an inspiring presentation at WindForce2023 conference
📸 We are thrilled to share a special moment from June 2023: our CEO, Evgeny Eliseev, delivering a captivating presentation at the WindForce2023 conference. The event took place at the shipyard in Bremerhaven, providing an ideal setting to discuss the latest advancements and progress in the offshore wind energy sector.
With over 200 conference attendees present, Evgeny Eliseev shared insights and highlighted the immense potential and benefits that offshore wind energy holds for our future. We extend our gratitude to the organizers of WindForce2023 for creating a platform that fosters knowledge exchange and drives innovation in the renewable energy industry. 🌬⚙⚓
Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news as we continue our commitment to revolutionizing the offshore wind energy sector.