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Launching a Joint Program with the University of Liverpool!

Attention future AI and data science researchers!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a unique PhD program, a collaboration between our company FreedomGRESS and the Doctoral Training Center for Distributed Algorithms CDT at the University of Liverpool!
Research Topic: "Development of a Real-time Dynamic Bayesian Network Model with Discrete Time for Safety Risk Assessment in Offshore Wind Power Plants".
Who can apply?
- Candidates with backgrounds in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
- Those who are passionate about making a change in this field and have the ambition to become leaders.
Leading the program will be the director of the center, Prof. Simon Maskell, a renowned expert in distributed algorithms and big data.
Program starts on 1st October, 2023.

Benefits of the Program:
- Stand out among your peers in the industry.
- Gain unique skills in data science.
- Collaborate with us as external partners to tackle real-world problems.
- Individual development budgets.
- Opportunities for internships with industry partners.
- Training on modern equipment.
- A supportive and friendly environment.
- Fully funded scholarships for all students.
- Monthly stipend of £1,552!
- UG or Masters in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI.
- A keen interest in next-generation data science.
During the PhD program, students will intern at our company, and upon completion, we'll invite them to join our team.
Don't miss this chance to join us and become a part of the future of data science and venture into the vast world of wind energy business with us!