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FreedomGRESS Innovations: Advancing Offshore Wind Energy Solutions

We're an innovative international company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for the Offshore Wind Energy sector. Our mission is to create and implement Global Renewable Energy Solutions, focusing on optimizing operations and ensuring the security of critical infrastructure in OWE businesses.
At FreedomGRESS, we understand the importance of preserving human life, the environment, and the stability of energy supply. We develop sophisticated AI-based solutions to facilitate comprehensive risk analysis and assessment, enabling early threat detection and incident prevention.
Moreover, we provide unique opportunities for optimizing logistics in offshore wind farm maintenance, focusing on vessel usage. Our decision support system enhances vessel activity planning processes, taking into account weather conditions and addressing the Fleet Size and Mix Problem (FSMP) for optimal vessel scheduling.
As a future-oriented enterprise, we're striving to make the offshore wind energy sector safer and more productive. We're thrilled to share our journey, updates, and insights with you here on LinkedIn. Follow us to stay informed about our innovations and the exciting progress in the renewable energy sector!